What can the Gangland Karma MVP be?



Below is a description of what the initial Gangland Karma MVP could be. This is not a completed definition but the start of the conversation. Please comment, so we define the right MVP for our needs.  Background reading: Executive Summary

Here is my suggestion, please comment below with questions and suggestions:

  • Tone of voice and target pilot schools for the MVP
    • There are interested schools in London as well as numerous other places. The storylines of the MVP will be akin to the heightened reality of Eastenders, and geared towards the younger end of our target user group in years 5 & 6.
  • The MVP will be analogue
    • I do a lot of storytelling using string. I intend to use string to map the storyline flashpoints, character connections and their interactions. The development of the narratve can use Twine. The storyline(s) can be developed with former gang members.
  • It shall be a 1.5 hour workshop lead in primary schools
    • The string will be a physical link up the student participants of the workshop, they will physically map the nonlinear storylines. This is done by working the story outloud, students take on the roles and then they weave the story with the strong amongst them selves.
  • The outcome of the students using it will be to determine the integrity of the gameplay and storytelling
    • Making the interaction group based and physical will shine a light on areas for reworking, discrepancies and narrative weaknesses. It will demonstrate if the rewards are effective with compelling narrative, or if it is bogus and cannot retain interest. ¬†The feedback will be instant.
  • Retaining and using constructive feedback.
    • We can film the event (with permission) and do a Q&A with the participants. We can then, using twine, remap the story into digital.

What are your thoughts?




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