Storytelling in Games: Non Linear Narratives



In early February Zoe presented on the use, application and value of Non Linear Narratives in games in context of Gangland Karma. Here is the link to the presentation with Q&A that took place via a googlehangout at Coventry University:

Here is the slide deck as a pdf

…and here is some background:

Interactive Storytelling & Gangland Karma:
An introduction the game for social good: Gangland Karma, and how it is useful to draw from conventional narrative structures and conventions to inform and deliver a non-linear experience. Gangland Karma is a game for 9-13 year olds at risk of gang culture: through game play they are empowered with decision making skills as they choose real alternative futures to the one presented to them by their immediate community.

Presenter Bio
Zoe Philpott is an interactive storyteller with fifteen years of digital experience and over twenty years of collaborating, writing, producing and directing. She ­founded “Moral Support” multimedia theatre company to “cross boundaries in storytelling” collaborating with artists, astrophysicists and computer scientists. Their award ­winning “Faith Hope & Charity” appeared at The National Theatre, London. She created virtual theatre for education using gaming technology with Immersive Education, winning a BETT for Twelfth Night and a BAFTA nomination for a physics creative learning tool called “Krucible”. She choreographed 4m high industrial robots for Ford, and created a crowd controlled driving game in India. 2013’s highlight was an interactive arts installation for London Underground’s Tube150. 2014’s highlights were directing an immersive theatre production with leading immersive theatre company Punchdrunk, and, working with Google and The White House to engage girls with computer programming. 2015 was the creation of Ada.Ada.Ada. – a one woman show with associated workshops that tells the story of Ada Lovelace (the world’s first computer programmer) as an inspiration for STEM engagement. The show is touring globally and involves an LED dress and a lot of string. This year Zoe is building connections with former gang members to create “Gangland Karma”: an interactive storytelling platform for 9-13 year olds using gaming technology.




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