Gangland Karma - Gaming for Social Good
“It’s what you grow up with, it’s normality. It’s not hard, it’s not easy, it’s just life.” – Simeon Moore, former gang member and founder of One Mile Away  

Gangland Karma is a game for 9-13 year olds at risk of gang culture. It hands the gamer a world beyond the one on their doorstep: empowering them to choose an alternative future. We are developing it now, and this is our story.

Storytelling in Games: Non Linear Narratives

  In early February Zoe presented on the use, application and value of Non Linear Narratives in games in context of Gangland Karma. Here is the link to the presentation with Q&A that took place via a googlehangout at Coventry University: Here is the slide...

Working with the Game Changers

  Early in 2016 Gangland Karma was invited to take part in Game Changers: an initiative to develop games and research design process spearheaded by Coventry University and Disruptive Media Learning Lab. Funded by the EU.  ...