Gangland Karma - Gaming for Social Good

A game for 9-13 year olds at risk from gang culture


Gangland Karma empowers 9-13 year olds at risk from gang culture with informed decision making skills for a better future for themselves and their community.

Truly accessible: this entertaining game is playable on a low end smartphone, providing positive alternatives to gang culture in the palm of their hand.


Gang culture costs the UK in excess of £20 billion per year.

More importantly it costs lives, devastates families and destroys communities.

Professionals working with these young people are highly aware that if you haven’t persuaded them away from gang culture before the age of 14 they are incredibly hard to engage and help direct them towards a positive future.

Gangland Karma is designed to engage young people with a positive culture before they are 14 years old.

To make Gangland Karma truly effective we are working with former gang members One Mile Away, Birmingham Emergency Services and many other great people to make this happen.


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People learn from their mistakes…

but some young people rarely get this chance.

Gangland Karma is a creative learning game for these young people. They get to go back in time, examine their decisions and change their destiny, giving them the chance to learn again and again and again. Experiencing cause and effect, empowering informed decision making and the affect they have on their futures, now.

Gameplay is a decision-tree: set in a similar yet alternative world the users go back and forth in time to experience consequences of their actions, playing out different scenarios for personal gain, and they discover real-time positive alternatives to gang culture happening in their area.

Game rewards are a combination of virtual kudos and real world prizes such as personal and team wins within the game world… as well as real vouchers for free swimming lessons at their local sports centre.


Gangland Karma engages where other methods have failed.

This creative learning tool fires the creativity of young minds and combats engagement in gang culture with positive empowerment.

Keeping the attention of these young people in school, keeping them engaged in formal education, learning literacy skills and the basics for navigating a hard, deprived culture is difficult. Too many of these young people fail to reach their inner potential and instead become excluded from school and from what the wider society has to offer everyone.

As a curriculum-aligned product, we reach users at school: selling to Local Authority, Police and teachers through existing channels. It will be free at the point of access for the target group of young people.

Using this innovative learning tool and the associated worksheets, teachers will know that they are able to use the classroom time wisely in view of achieving their school PSHE and Literacy learning targets, while at the same time help improve the lives of this group of young people.

Written by teachers for teachers, curriculum aligned worksheets are provided for years 5, 6 and 7 in PSHE and Literacy. Worksheets are also available for the different levels within each year group.

It’s what you grow up with, it’s normality. It’s not hard, it’s not easy, it’s just life.

– Simeon Moore, former gang member and founder of One Mile Away

In their immediate environment most young people at risk from gang culture are socially excluded from positive life changing opportunities.

They don’t know about the choices they have as many youth groups, arts incentives and opportunities for involvement in sports are simply not on their radar, but may well be a short walk from their doorstep.

Currently, to access this information they will need to speak to an adult in a position of authority such as a social worker, teacher or police liaison officer… and these are not people they generally ask for help.


Gangland Karma provides access to a better normality

As they play the game users get real world opportunities placed in the palm of their hands on their phones, in real time. These are opportunities they might have had to ask an adult, as the knowledge of their existence may not exist within their peer group.

Positive opportunities via the game include local sports groups, youth centres, youth arts projects, sports centres. To enable this we use GPS positioning and together with a vetted database of appropriate activities in their area.


Prototype ready for piloting in schools

We have a prototype, and will be piloting in London this summer term. The pilot experience involves a facilitator led workshop with the first version of the game. The outcome will be analysed by game makers and psychologists to improve the creative learning outcomes and user experience.

We are seeking additional schools to join the first pilot taking place after the SATs this summer, and we are also seeking schools to join the larger pilot taking place in the Autumn term. Places are limited.

Contact us via @GanglandKarma and discover how to sign up.


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This innovative and life changing initiative won’t happen without investors and we need to raise £650,000+ to develop the game this year. It is due to become revenue earning in january 2016. Would you consider investing, or do you know an organisation or wealthy individual who would like to know more about the venture. We can develop an investment package that is right. You are in good company: We have successfully raised £26,000 in seed funding from Philpott Design which is funding the prototype for piloting, and have been shortlisted for Unltd’s Big Venture Challenge.


Are you from the FA or Microsoft, or another wealthy organisation who wants to sponsor the venture as part of your SRC annual budget. I am sure we can develop a sponsorship package that is right for you.


Do you have access to this at risk-group of young people via schools? Are you a local authority, emergency services or education department in an inner city that is fighting against gang culture ruining lives? We want to meet you so we can work together.


Are you an amazing game industry professional and want to make something that changes lives for the better? Then we want to meet you too.


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