Gangland Karma - Gaming for Social Good
“It’s what you grow up with, it’s normality. It’s not hard, it’s not easy, it’s just life.” – Simeon Moore, former gang member and founder of One Mile Away  

Gangland Karma is a game for 9-13 year olds at risk of gang culture. It hands the gamer a world beyond the one on their doorstep: empowering them to choose an alternative future. We are developing it now, and this is our story.

What can the Gangland Karma MVP be?

  Below is a description of what the initial Gangland Karma MVP could be. This is not a completed definition but the start of the conversation. Please comment, so we define the right MVP for our needs.  Background reading: Executive Summary Here is my suggestion,...

The plan for Mission 1: What’s your game?

  Our biggest threat to successful engagement with GChangers is that we are short of time. So we are getting organised to help get ourselves ahead.  For the first Mission the GK blog will include: 1. Define what could be our MVP on the blog and invite sign up and...